Learning To Live Intentionally

So many times during the hustle and  bustle of our daily activities we lose the purpose for why we’re hustling to begin with. We’ve become experts in autopiloting our lives and  it’s even easier when everyone around you is doing it. What happens when what made you like everyone else was taken away abruptly? Losing a loved one, your home, your job, your hobby; will winning the race matter as much? Will the people in running be with you or running against you? Is what you’re racing for be worth it enough? Sometimes we tend to run in a race we never meant to be in; moving in on someone else’s track then fiercely competing for a prize you didn’t want.




It’s not easy at the beginning and I will guarantee you that it gets lonely, but when you start to pay close attention to what matters most to you and start making conscious decisions the doubtful thoughts will soon fade; goals become clearer; thoughts become focus. Letting go of things that don’t add value and appreciating the ones that do. My circle is much smaller but they are healthier and deeper.It was definitely hard to let go and you’ll get the occasional naysers ( the one’s who want to “catch up”) but as time goes on they become easier to emotionally manage. Here’s a few thoughts to keep in mind while moving forward to living an intentional life.

  1. Focus on the why? Take a moment and dig deep. Ask yourself the reason you’re about to perform, say, react, or buy something.
  2. Is this beneficial towards the life I’ve envisioned?  
  3. How will it benefit those I love?
  4. Does this bring me peace?
  5. What will it allow me to contribute to?  


Living a purposeful and intentional life will look different for everyone. What matters is that you’re willing to live it. Would love to know what living intentional means to you, are you taking steps forward, and/or its benefits and downfalls, if any? 

Thank you for reading this post and if you liked please pass it along to your friends and family. Life’s journey is always better with loved ones.

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