Decluttering 101

I don’t know about you but organizing my space has always brought me peace. It wasn’t my most favorite activity but when I did get to it I felt a whole lot better. I wouldn’t say I’m a messy person, but you can certainly know if I am having a bad week. Part of simplifying my life was making my environment simpler and functional; with that I wanted this habit to stick whether I’m having a ” pull my hair out” or ” too good to be true” kind of day. Here are 3 tips to keep in mind when your going through your decluttering process. Plus heart to heart video at the end.

  1. Keep all surfaces empty and clean– From table tops, night stands, counters, dressers, and etc all tend to gather the most random and forgotten items we bring from outside. And we assume we’ll get to them “later.” Clear off all surfaces and watch the difference it makes. Flat surfaces instantly changes the aesthetics of a room.
  2. Toss it, Shred it, Recycle it, Digitize it– The endless stream of paper seems to be coming left and right. Stacks  of paper tend to be a huge factor in attracting messes. There are so many ways to classify, organize, and save documents. I would suggest investing in a good scanner. There are some great scanning apps out there or most printers have scanning abilities too. Banks and all other legal documents come with paperless options and can be viewed for months ( check with yours to see your options). Google Drive is an amazing system I’ve been using  for years and in every area of my life- school, work, and personal.
  3. Remove Duplicates– Once we bring new items into our lives, the old tend to stay. And over time we become collectors for items that no longer fit, bring joy, or function. Take this time to truly toss items that no longer serve their original intent. The collection of nail polish, finished batteries, broken iPod(s)…. Toss it.
  4. Create Space: Whether its in the hallway, closet, bathroom, etc..Find ways to open up the space (adding mirrors filters more light and create the illusion of a wider space). Remove anything that blocks or hinders you from freely moving around and getting to what you need easily.

The process of  decluttering was something I always looked forward to but as I choose to live a more fluid life I enjoy having a clean space. Making sure what I invest in is intentional and practical. Keeping a cluttered free space always leads to a clutter free mind; allowing me to make decisions quickly and most importantly without self doubt.

Added video speaking more about decluttering in an internal sense.

How and when do you plan on starting your journey? Have you been through the purging process and how did it go? 


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  1. nikolinea says:

    Wow! The words, the vibe, the heart and soul in this post and video is so inspiring! Similar things have crossed my mind and been something I tried with various success. Thank you for sharing your ideas and experiences on this.

    Liked by 1 person

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