Leading with Mindfulness| College Edition

Mindfulness movement is making its way beyond the yoga studio and on college campuses. 

This may be the start of your college journey or it’s coming to an end. And based on your level of self- and social- awareness you are going to bring a unique perspective to different situations. What I have found from my own experience is that you will never be as prepared as you would like to be. There will always be a concept, course, skill, trend that is unfamiliar to you. Wherever you are in this path, practicing mindfulness daily can help you stay motivated and inspired with less fear, worry, and anxiety of the future.

First, What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the act of noticing all your senses and intentionally observing the sensations you are experiencing, while performing a particular task, without judging or attempting to change the feelings or thoughts.

Here is how cultivating mindfulness benefits you on campus:


  • Mindfulness allows you to explore your campus with intention and flexibility.
  • Mindfulness helps you to focus on the people around you instead of worrying about the future or their perceptions of you.
  • Mindfulness increases your awareness on the overall process and experience from an event or opportunity than the perceived outcome.
  • Mindfulness reveals what brings you the most joy.
  • Mindfulness helps you highlight your strengths and weaknesses to find the resources that will work for you.


  • Mindfulness brings clarity on what choices matters most in your life.
  • Mindfulness helps you notice what is and is not working towards your goals.
  • Mindfulness helps you to focus on your goals and take risks with confidence.
  • Mindfulness help you notice your behavioral patterns and reaction to a subject.


  • Mindfulness helps you quickly notice changes in your body.
  • Mindfulness makes it clear the best way to take care of your health.
  • Mindfulness increases your intuition, inner instinct.

From middle school to my undergraduate studies, anxiety ruled my overall experience. I believed that my predictions were valid; even though professors, counselors, and friends told me otherwise. What I realize is that my experience and sensations were valid but the thoughts that surrounded were not. It is very easy to over-identify with our thoughts and be led by our imaginations. Turning predictions into conclusive statements robs us from opportunities and enjoying the moment.

Now as a graduate student, staying open and learning to be flexible have helped significantly in my networking and my work.

Mindfulness is a skill that develops with practice and I recommend looking more into it on how to develop it within you.

I can’t say I am all laissez-faire about life, but I am more committed to living with less rigidity and limitations.

Do you have a mindfulness practice that you started? How did you find learn about mindfulness? 

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