Why Meditate?

Peace!Stability!Groundedness! All trigger words for me that allows me to pursue my passions and live a life worth living for. When I make time for meditation my mind is in a state that allows me to slow down, relax, and prioritize. To many times we allow the opinions and wants of others cloud our minds, our sacred place. Our minds are the gate way to our souls and inner being. We are surrounded and bombarded by magazines, advertisements, and social media feeds, and family expectations that tells us that if we haven’t achieve or attain XYZ then we are less than. What’s even more surprising is the fact that some of the things being pushed and advertised actually complicates our lives more than simplifying or improving it. Adapting a more minimal and intentional mindset allows me to find ways to live more consciously.

With meditation I get a clear sense of the reason and purpose for choosing to create a lifestyle that allows me to balance my responsibilities and passions. For today’s posts I want to share the benefits that consistent meditation have granted me:

Balance– Creating a center that encompasses our whole being. Our patterns of thinking, actions, behaviors, and feelings align to help us manage what we value most. Allowing us to delve into different parts of ourselves because we are multidimensional, multidiversed individuals which is important to me because I hold passion for so much.

Clarity–  Mind decluttering is one of the major benefits of meditation. Meditation creates a clear pathway to our core and enters our heart. Giving us full access to our emotions while maintaining control.

Focus– With our minds wondering from one tasks to another, it clouds our judgement so much that we constantly lose our priority thus leaving us to wander from one thing to another.

Consistency– One of the key components in achieving the benefits of any habit is consistency. Because mediation strives to calm the body, we are fully aware of ourselves and whats around us making us conscious and present in our decision making.

I’ve been incorporating meditation in my morning and night routines for about two and half years. I first started with guided meditation which was introduced by one of my college undergrad professors and I absolutely appreciated it. I continued practicing until I was able to lead and remove the restless feeling and mind wandering.  I hope this motivates you to add or continue practicing meditation as part of your daily routine because the overall benefits are priceless.






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