Weekend Reads Spotlight| Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon

One of the greatest benefits of learning to live minimally is the extra time I’ve gained to read books of my own choosing. Don’t get me wrong my professors are providing some great reads but tbh it’s not the same as choosing your own. Reading is one of my stress management routines; and if your as introverted as me than you may relate with me that reading is our escape plan.


Since discovering the booktube community, they’ve reawaken this bibliophile. I will of course provide a round-up of some of my favorite bookbloggers and booktubers. For today’s post, I would like to introduce a weekly series called Weekend Reads Spotlight- a series to share some great books to help you disappear into. For the first in this new post series will be Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon.


If your looking for a romantic, hopeful, and light read I would suggest picking up Everything Everything to start a stress free weekend. I was able to read this title through out the week and I believe it could be devoured in one sitting without distractions; making it a perfect weekend read. With classes, studying, and a new job I needed something light that would continue my reading pace and away from a reading slump. This book did just that and I did not want the story to end.

EE Synopsis.jpg

“He’s the opposite of these things. He’s not safe. He’s not familiar. He’s in constant motion. He’s the biggest risk I’ve ever taken.”

Everything Everything centers around Madeline Whittier who’s diagnosis of SCID- a rare genetic disease that results in an immune system that most would consider absent. This leads her to live her childhood and teenage years home schooled  in her heavily monitored and sterilized home to be home schooled and taken care of by her mother and her nurse, Carla.

What I love about this book is the mother-daughter relationship that’s played out. I particularly love the parental presence throughout the story, something that’s always lacking in most YA literature. I loved seeing the different family dynamics and how each characters interpretation of the same events differ based on their roles.What lengths a mother would go to to protect their child  and a mothers intuition. How lies, denial, and trauma controls our behavior. I believe it’s because of Yoon’s writing that she was able to let us get glimpses of each characters thought process.

This YA fiction presents topics of illness, death, friendship, love, and family that’s both heart warming and aggravating when we have to face them at any given age.

This was the perfect snuggle-in-bed with a cup of tea type of book. The I-had-a-long-day type of read that helps you reset mentally.

However way you wish to get the book is yours. With continuation of minimalism and budgeting, I use my public library and other free online ebook and audiobook apps such as Hoopla, Axis 360, or Overdrive.

Happy Reading Friend!





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