Minimalism + Intentionality: Planning Habits Update


So, if your following me on Instagram you’ve probably seen an evolution among my content that varies from books to planners. I would say my IG closely reflects what I gravitate to the most; and currently that’s reading. My overall message still remains as productivity and self development.

A year ago, my planning reflected a lists of repetitive tasks that allowed me to stay busy but not necessarily productive.  I’ve managed to fill my schedule with tasks that allowed me to either avoid a situation or a person. Basically, delaying confrontation by allowing time to pass.

This method worked for awhile and allowed to me to tiptoe through life not wanting to disturb others or processes. I’ve discovered that living this way only delays growth.

In learning to live more intentionally, I’ve allowed myself to experience; whether its by failing or success through learning and understanding. My planning has grown to focus on tasked that provide bigger impact towards my goals and taking risks.


So what’s changed?


1. More Simplicity– I’ve managed to NOT add routine tasks in my to do list. Since my mind was cluttered so were my actions. I no longer cram 10 plus tasks but focus on 4 to 5 that will create more impact.

2. Less Perfectionism– I’ve relinquished the need to have all my ‘ planning tools’ before I start jotting down my lists. With my tasks decreasing, I’m able to carry a small notebook that allows me to immediately write my thoughts and begin acting on them.

3.  Defined Priorities– I’ve always had goals and I don’t believe that will end anytime soon, but what’s changed is the need to want to work on everything all at once. My plans are to master or complete a skill or milestone rather than adding something to the lists of ‘started but never finished’.

My planning have definitely simplified once I’ve allowed myself to let go of things and ideas I thought I needed to succeed. Looking forward to the new year of productive planning.

Are you into planning? What methods have worked for you? and do you favor any particular planning tools? 


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