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Summer is here and it’s one of those great seasons to catch up on some projects; whether it’s cleaning up that garage, visiting long distance family, or spending some much needed me time. Summer has the ability to bring our moods to optimal working power. For me the best way I like to spend my summer is to catch up and read the books that I’ve had written on my TBR pile. There are so many great authors out there and I’m here to share with you the best books I’ve read these past few weeks that have changed the way I perform and design my lifestyle.

1. Magnificent Mind at any Age by Daniel Amen

Dr. Daniel Amen is a neurologist, psychologist, and brain scan imaging expert who’s been helping his patients alter their lifestyle to repair the damage their previous lifestyle has done to their brain.
Not only that he shared his detailed story on how he took care of his family. So much research and personal stories are provided in this book that really inspire you to take a deeper look at what your doing and how that can impact your memory and overall wellbeing.
2. Crucial Conversations
This titles content have been contributed by a few notable authors in the field of business and public speaking ( brings me back to that public speaking class in undergrad and i’m just thinking where was  this book). This book essentially guides you in how to communicate your thoughts and message during high stress situations. There will be a time where you might have to stand up to your boss or tell family some bad news or give a patient heartbreaking news. Love the scenarios provided for different cases and its great for all ages.
3. Big Magic by Eizabeth Gilbert

You’ve probably heard about this book by now by Elizabeth Gilbert or have heard of this author. In this book, Gilbert shares her process on how she manifests the right energy to create and pursue what she loves doing which is writing. Throughout reading this book you’ll get jolts of inspiration. I remember listening to this book at work and smiling throughout the day. Everyone was asking me ” why am I smiling?” because I couldn’t contain it. Creating time to do what I love the most was awaken by this big and gave me the courage to take a deeper look at the things I consumed my time with.

4Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of by Marie Kondo

If you need help in your progress of tossing things out, Marie Kondo will definitely show you how. The author is a professional organizing consultant from Japan who’s helped thousands of people organize their space and get their life together. The konmari method is different then most organizing methods and can seem overwhelming but once you start the  purging process it may be difficult to stop. Love how she breaks everything down and helps you to go head strong. I was able to get my moving process done so much faster by listening to the audio version. I believe what I truly love the most is the fact that the process helps you to maintain a clean and clutter free space.



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