Escaping the Rat Race

Originally posted on Being Young and Twenty

Being young and twenty meant reaching this goal that I thought was my own but turned out to be what everyone else wanted.  Being young and twenty was a time that felt forced: to conform, to blend in, and to be put together. It was a time where you’re still bombarded with questions like “What do you want to be when you grow up?” or that marriage and kids questions (side note: it never goes away).

As more and more people have access to each other around the world, it can become trying to hold to what you thought your identity is. We now have access to make connections with people, cultures, concepts, and ideas more than ever; whether it happens in college dorms, during lunch break at work, or through World of Warcraft.  Our parents were experiencing the beginning stages of this information rich world we grew up in not knowing what to expect. Exploring and trying to make it make sense as much as we are.

At 25, it’s my time to question everything and explore anything. Life’s a marathon not a race. Being young and in my twenties mean knowing that I have lived and interacted with the world not just experience it happening. With that said, being young and in my twenties mean knowing who I am, what I stand for, and doing it with a group of people that just get it.

Thank  you for reading this post on what being young and twenty means to me. This fantastic project is ran by Jennifer and if you wish to connect and read more from different writers within the community please head over to her site at .


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