Minimalism, Time Management, and Habits

I don’t know about you but it’s when I’m approaching a deadline I find that I take on too much and never seem to have enough time in the day. I say yes to projects and offer to help with things out of excitement. It was a big problem because I would have little bits of unfinished projects or I’d disappoint someone by letting go of the responsibility. The convenience of typing them into my phone just made it easier to add more but I would not use all the features that would allow me to manage each task. It caused some tensions in some relationships both personal and professional. There was a point that I become fed up with me just leaving things mid way. After that self assessment which gave me a wake call I started to take action in how to effectively manage my time to complete everything I set out to do:

  1. Make a Priority List for the month– I always take a portion of my Sunday at the end of each month to plan the next (the day you choose to plan should be based on your schedule and values). Sundays are more chill and relax days to get lots of thinking and planning done for me. I get to review the current month and focus on the next; making sure to focus on the events or projects that have approaching deadlines or more research. My tasks and to dos would all contribute to what I’ve set as my priorities.
  2. Only add tasks that contribute to those priorities daily– When I sit down to look at my planner or calendar I make sure to write action plans that will allow me to get closer or meet those priorities. Example 1 if one priority is to improve my writing skills then on my “to do” list would be something like: write 3 blog posts for the week, read a book about writing skills, take a writing class, and so on. Example 2 Lose 5lbs then I would set my tasks as: Work out 3xs/week, meal prep, drink X amount of water daily, etc….
  3. Remember Less is More– One thing that significantly helped me is being clear and specific about what my actions were to be. I didn’t leave room for vagueness such as drink more water or get good grades. I would place measurable and calculated steps so that I know specifically what I’m working towards. Leaving to much room open for interpretation when your meeting your goals opens you up to fill your time when busy work and not intentional actions. Remember to do what will produce the greatest result.
  4. Be consistent, resilient, and persistent– I wish I could say that I was born with these traits but these skills I had to exercise before they became second nature to me. There will always be obstacles, temptations, and all sorts of distractions that can cause us to miss a tasks. Don’s be too hard on yourself. Remember what your seeking and what your priorities are and stick to it.


These actions have managed to help me to see that I’m more capable then I initially thought because I didn’t feel the need to compensate for either not finishing and not meeting someone’s expectations. It helped to remove the anxiety and guilt i felt and I was able to appreciate the free time I do have with the people I loved more. Let me know if you’ve experienced something like this or share what has helped you on your journey. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, pinterest, and snapchat @Blessedbeautmd for more inspiration and encouragement to live a more meaningful and intentional life.


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