Being Intentional with Finances

One of the areas I’ve noticed increased as I continue to practice intentionality and minimalism is the ability to confidently make financial decisions.

Managing our finances is a topic that will never lose its importance: whether you feel your lacking or secure in the financial literacy department.

I’ve observed that as my self-awareness increased, I’m able to decipher what path or method of financial management works best for me. Then seek counsel in the areas where I lack the necessary information to take me in the direction that best suits how I want to live and interact with my space.

Making decisions about your income cannot be made passively. If your not aware of your needs and/or what’s essential to sustain you and the space you occupy, you run the risk of allowing someone else to make that decision for you.

being intentional wit finances

It’s important to be informed of options and methods available to you but it must be tailored and aligned with your values or the direction you want to go. Your money needs to work for you and those whom you’ve chosen to share it with.

Your assets are part of your personal toolbox. Your money goes wherever you go or wherever you want it to go. Just as we value and manage our time, the concept is the same with our finances.

Taking conscious steps and making decisions that apply to where you’re at or plan on being is the meaning of being intentional.

Becoming more aware of your behavior, tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses is one one of the first steps towards making more conscious decisions of what you’ll like your resources to do for you. Personally, I know it’s become important that I know my strength and weaknesses so that I can confidently make decisions that work best for me and my loved ones.

Identifying and defining your core values allows you to build a foundation to filter what will work best for you and with others you share space with. This is going to take a conscious effort in letting go of the skill of comparison we’ve developed over time.

Being intentional with finances will look different for everyone but the core of intentional living is increasing knowledge about ourselves and the general topic or direction you want to go. 

What’s holding you back from being more confident with your finances and resources?


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