Intentional Spaces

WOW! We made it to August. How has these few months been for everyone since March? I have neglected this space for so long. I believe two years and quite a lot have changed.. for the better.

From moving around three times until I have settled in a place, setting boundaries with housemates, changing jobs (a few times as well), and establishing new friendships. Putting everything I’ve learned into practice was crucial not only for my mental health but for my finances as well.

This Year, I was determine to create a space that would allow me to move freely and accessible with the lifestyle I intend to create. I decided to put KonMari’s method into practice full force to start the new year.

My biggest challenge were the Komono category also known as miscellaneous items. I’ve held on to things not even because they mean anything but because I put them off so long claiming I would discard them someday. Spending the day to finally sort through them is a relief that I never foresaw but the work must be done for results to appear.

I am determine to ” Do the Work” necessary to move forward. It is now two years since finally finding and working with my therapist. My improvement is gradual, painful, but necessary. With each new unlock and unblock revealing memories that I did not want to revisit. Just as I started the Konmari process to clear up more space and intentionally welcome items the spark joy, decluttering my mind and confronting memories are allowing me to intentionally create new memories that will bring joy.

There are events that are out of our control but we choose the degree in which it impacts our choices and direction.

Have you created intentional spaces for more joy?

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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