Intention + Compassion

Compassion is to act with kindness towards those who are suffering.

When I started my journey to reset, through analyzing minimalism, slow living, and sustainable change, it had not occurred that it would take me towards a lifestyle that required space for an inner transformation and healing. Ultimately, I guess that was what I was searching for internally. Beginning the process to let go of the less essential materials that I have overidentified with created space to observe the internal struggles that I was avoiding. I, first, listened to the external suffering of my environment which helped me hear the cries and pains from what I neglected within myself. All in an attempt to assimilate.

The year 2020 is a year that activated several pathways for humanity. Global events such as Black Lives Matter and COVID-19 forced us to confront ourselves and those around us. I do not believe one person was left unaffected by these events. What made these events significant is that every country on this Earth collectively was on the same page. Although we were not on the same page on decision-making and solution, these events made us aware of others besides ourselves and our immediate circles. This is a time people acknowledge that not everyone thinks or feels the same. As well as the dire need for representation away from the single-story narrative from one perspective. Additionally, recognizing the value of diversity. I recommend watching Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche TedTalk, The Danger of a Single Story

It is devastating to see the lives lost to this type of biological warfare and irresponsibility; yet, I am hopeful and grateful for those who have continued to step out of the norm and the rat race to make tough decisions that will contribute beyond themselves. For those who stand by their values to live sustainably and intentionally for the betterment of the planet and future generations. Making decisions that do not fall along with the status quo. While learning that speaking up takes courage, bravery, and most of all compassion

This year I saw a major collective divide, but I also recognize an enormous collective unity. I constantly hear ” When do we get back to normal?” and unfortunately I do not foresee ” normal” resembling what life was before this year. This year showed why cultivating your voice matters. Major institutions such as the education system and the corporate workspace have changed the way work can be done. Families have changed in the function and their roles. These events called for physical and psychological flexibility that most were not prepared for. 

I live by the motto “change is the only constant” and this year made it clearer than I could have imagined. Change does not have to come from a place of negative self-talk and criticism. The most lasting change that transforms into a habit comes from the voice of self-compassion. In 2021, I will choose to lead with compassion and learning what that looks like for me. 

How do you plan on stepping into 2021?  


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