Embracing Change Gracefully

After two years of decluttering, reflecting, and redefining my core value, I’m at a place where I can start taking action towards the life I envisioned. 

I’ve grown to understand that change is inevitable and that its the only constant in our lives. With that, I matured to understand that once you’ve identified what’s essential to your core values, embracing change becomes easier to manage.

The more I researched what minimalism is and is not, its become easier to put it into practice. Minimalism helped me in practicing letting go while simultaneously developing my decision-making skills in identifying what to keep.

Based on a few reflective practices such as morning pages, expressive journaling, and meditation, I can assess and decipher whether my actions are intentional or impulsive; essential or nonessential; harmful or remedial to my future self and those I appreciate.

Here’s one of the main questions I internally pose to myself when tempted to act impulsively: Is this information, item, or person a way to hide, display, or be shared with others? 

Asking myself this question reveals my true intentions. And it’s important for me to continue to put into practice a filtering system to manage the amount of information that is so easily accessible and abundant in the age we currently live to not get lost in the process.

Living a life that is sustainable means not holding on to things that will not return or cultivate something of value in the space I occupy and the communities I interact with.

By being consistent with my intentional practices, I’ve managed to wake up from what I feel was an unconscious state, to a soul that actively interacts in the environment and spaces I walk into. With each decision, I see my space widening and my foundations firming.

I’ve allowed the practice of minimalism to guide me, and become a tool in my personal toolbox to lead me through life’s uncertainties. By reducing the number of decisions I make on a daily basis, I have the energy to make decisions pertaining to the people and things that matter most.

embracing change

I’ve had a long hiatus since my last post because I want to refrain from redundancies. What I write is also what I practice and I’ve been enjoying the company of family and embracing the changes that are occurring in my life that’s allowed me to practice a more intentional and minimalistic mindset.

I find that in this age of information, establishing a filtering system that allows you to take in what’s essential is crucial. so that you’re not bloated with information and things that cause paralysis in the moment(s) that require action or change. Handling change becomes easier when you learn to manage the information around you. Hope this post serves you well. 

How do you handle change? 



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