Minimalism + Intentional Living| Building Community

Being a minimalist changed from thinking about quantity to quality. It was difficult at first because my environment had hardly change. The way I started to process things have changed significantly since I started learning about minimalism. If I wanted to design a life that suited me, I realized I need to fight for it.

It’s tough not to fall back in the comparison syndrome; wondering what’s everyone doing? and if am doing the right thing? As I slowly came to grasp what I wanted most, my perception changed as well in how I interacted with others.

I sensed an increased level of confidence being around others who either thought the concept is extreme or short lived. Only because I knew my reason.

build your community

When I first started, not knowing where I was headed..really, I would dread being ask why I choose not to pursue certain things or want to buy everything in sight. And to be honest it actually shocked me how much my friends were addicted to shopping or competing with the next person. That was a pretty big eye opener. Its as though our relationships were tied only to see who can obtain what more than the other. Pretty toxic, right!

As I look forward into developing my career, relationships, and personal growth, designing my lifestyle keeps getting clearer.

The simple things that I enjoy can still remain enjoyable without the stuff I was told I needed to maintain them. It’s become easier to let go of people and things that weighted me down. The feeling of ‘not making it’ begins to diminish and it’s become easier to move forward but with a purpose.

Below is a short random video on my reflection with building a community  around yourself while you’re in your growth or transformation process. Hope you enjoy!

Comment down below if you’ve had a similar reflection or something different. 


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