Minimalism + Identity

Learning to develop a minimalist  mindset and adopting a more minimalist approach to life takes Intentionality. Pioneers like Joshua Becker, Leo Babauta, and The Minimalist duo live and apply the concept of minimalism to fit their current situation and desired lifestyles.

The term minimalism is ever growing and many are finding that the concept is a tool that can be used to help define and refine their goals to create their desired lifestyle.

Taking  inventory of my things and what I’m unconsciously accumulating helped me to see that I’ve been living to please others and not  stand for what I value.

My peers and I are classified in a group called millenials; being categorized as selfish, self-centered, and impatient. The “milllenials” I’ve come acrossed are awaken; not settling for the status quo; not staying silent in the face of injustice.

I’m grateful that I grew up in a generation that grew up cultured. Interacting with peers of different backgrounds, culture, race, social economic status, interests, etc. Culturally diverse than the previous generation and privileged with more artistic freedom.

Stereotyping and categorizing a general group of persons is a dangerous method which by now many should open their eyes to seeing how stifling it is. Conforming to a certain stereotype whether good or bad limits an individuals growth and development. We  all have the ability and opportunity to transform and develop.

This may not be the case for everyone but I do believe once one takes the initiative to declutter and live on less, you’ll notice how much you’ve allowed your things and the opinions of others to shape your identity.

A lot more people are becoming aware of minimalism. Still there are those stuck  in the pretty white or marble aesthetics and miss the message; the concept of creating space to allow the subject being displayed to not be distracted by background noise. Taking what was once an art concept and bringing it to life to display the values that keep one alive and moving.

Living intentionally and minimally is not about the number of things you own but the unquantifiable value of the things you keep.

Ultimately does what you own define you? 


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