Self-Care at Work

During the week, some days are harder than the rest. When you’re trying to balance work, school, and social/family life, it may be hard to stop and take a moment for yourself. 

You feel as though your attention is being pulled in every direction and nothing’s working out as it should. Moments like these can cause us to overthink and complicate things; shifting your focus to being busy rather than being productive and effective.  

Days like these are indicators that tell me I’m lacking in the self care department. 

Here are 3 ways I practice self care at work…. Not saying there’s a step by step process but adopting these habits can help lead to a more sustainable way of coping from overwhelm. 


  1. Being Present- Take a moment and observe your area. The people, events taking place, sound, etc. What are they doing? you can’t control what’s happening but you can manage how you react to them. Removing ourselves from autopilot will help us to refocus on what really matters. 
  2. Focus on your breath– When things get a little chaotic for me, I attempt to find something to focus on.. For me, the most stable and reliable thing would be to monitor my breath. High stress and anxiety levels cause me to hold my breath unconsciously. Slowly, I would start to refocus my thoughts towards monitoring my breath; watching the rise and fall of my chest and picturing my breath matching the movements of a calm ocean.

We don’t realize it during tense and uncomfortable situations but clenching our   teethes and holding our breath is a common method we fall back to to regain control. Controlling creates resistance when what we should aim for is to open up to allow blood flow and to reconnect with the present moment.

    3. Seek Space- Sometimes were just overwhelmed by all the personalities we have to encounter so finding a spot where you can escape and find peace can help significantly… As in introvert my first instinct is to retreat but you won’t get that luxury often. So if you have to take 10 extra minutes in your office, the bathroom, or even making sure you make your lunch break count to recharge and collect yourself.

I hope this helps a bit. If you’d like to share some tips on how you practice self care when your at work, i would love to hear. Comment below. Until next time friends. Keep it simple.

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