Intentional Living: Learning to Set Boundaries

Do you struggle with saying ‘No’? I use to find it hard to set boundaries with most people. I wouldn’t say I reached a point where I didn’t hesitate but its become easier recently. I attribute it to these three habits that I’ve managed to maintain consistently since beginning my minimalism journey:


Set boundaries


Meditation– This practice has allowed me to slow my mind and my heart. Making time for meditation gives the body a chance to consciously practice to focus; whether its on a verse, affirmation, or your breathing. You’re redirecting your mind to focus on one thing.

Exercise– As cliché and repetitive as it sounds, exercise elevates your mood and brings clarity and vitality. This is a chance to awaken your physical muscles; just as meditation focus on your mental muscles. Exercise increases blood circulation and warms up your muscles giving you energy and confidence. With all of those forward movements, it registers to your mind giving you strength and discernment to say no to obstacles that may block your path.

Plan the night before– Before the night ends, I close my day with a prayer of gratitude. Then I set out essentials I will need for the next day. Laying out my work outfit, prepping my lunchbox, closing out any documents or projects I was working on, and jotting down my MITs (most important tasks) for the next day. My most important tasks tend to be priorities that must be done by the end of the week. I keep them short. I want to intentionally participate in activities that reflect my values, so my MITs tend to be priorities that must be accomplished.

**Bonus- Know Your Core Values– As I discovered what truly mattered to me, I started to notice those things that were just distractions. Background noise that tries to surface and fog the truth. Become aware of what reoccurring moments or themes that brings you to life and you find yourself standing up for. Start a journal to document and capture those moments; also notice the books you read and think about why you choose to read them. Notice the ones that made a lasting impact.

We form new relationships everyday. Deciding on whether or not we should invest in certain relationships is a natural and sometimes painful process. These relationships can either drain or sustain our energy. Learning to set boundaries is a life long skill that when it becomes comfortable you start to gain clarity, peace, and contentment.


” People are like plants: they grow towards the light.” – Hope Jahren, Lab Girl


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  1. B. Harper says:

    Great ideas! Love it! Thank you


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