2017 Reading Goals 

This year has been a year of finding balance. Balance to connect my mind, body, and spirit. The previous year was focused on decluterring and downsizing; leading up to learning about authenticity and intentionality. 

With that, my journey still continues and requires more intentional steps; meaning not waiting for when things align. To set the tone for this year, I began taking a closer look at the contents I was reading.

For the most part I’ve read pretty sporadically trying to balance school recommendations, job recommendations, and even trying to catch popular reads. I tend to read multiple books at a time in different genres but recently I’ve been enjoying the process of reading and learning; taking in the everything a book has to offer. 

I’ve set my reading goal low this year hoping to find quality shareable reads. Ones that I don’t mind rereading, ones that inspire, ones that are relevant, and one’s that make an impact. I would hope to surpass my goodreads challenge goal but if not I’ll settle for what I’ve recorded. 

I honestly hope to gain skills that allow me to dissect the books I read and discuss them in great detail rather than escape through them and pick up another. There seems to be a lot of books being published or maybe I’m just becoming more aware. Whatever the case I would like to read more diverse books that don’t cater to the same plot line. 

Here’s how I plan on doing that: 

1. Reduce Goodreads challenge from 50 to 30- making sure to read outside my comfort zone. 

2. Read one book at a time – focusing onne great pick beats half finishing 4 

3. Use bookriots ” Read Harder Challenge” picks for variety

4. Limit Social Media usage- social media tend to be repetitive with people posting the same thing but with different filters; tends to all sound the same. 

5. Create downtime to read- once I’ve set out a specific time I look forward to it and make the most of my downtime. 

This is my own personal and professional goal I’m currently working on. So I thought I’d share and encourage you to challenge yourself as well. I believe challenging ourselves allows us to create opportunities and new doors we wouldn’t have known existed. 

Hope you like this posts and that it serves you in some way. 

What have you been working on personally or professionally? 

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