Top 3 Time Management Habits To Help Balance Work and School

1. Actively Track you Schedule


Why? Keeping track of both your work and class schedule is crucial in improving your time management skills. When you have a goal your focused on, its easy to monitor and execute the results of your your actions to complete that goal. Who benefits? When your mind is bombarded by new information coming from all directions its important to have a planning system that helps you focus on your top priorities. How?There are several ways to keep track of your schedule and routines. For me, I track my schedule using my planner then I transfer them on my iPhone  which then syncs to my google calendar. Benefits: Writing my schedules in different platforms helps me retain everything to memory. The purpose for transferring what’s on my planner to my phone is because at work you may be limited on what personal items you have on hand but you may have access to a computer. Most school and workplace computers use Microsoft products so you can easily log in to your google account or your iCloud account to access your calendar, but some work computers block iCloud accounts :(. So many options.

2. Have an ” On-The-Go Meal” Plan


Eating healthy on a busy schedule doesn’t have to be so hard. Why? When your used to planning and making healthy meals, it simplifies decision making when your out with friends or coworkers. Imagine being wrapped up with a school or work project late at night and most restaurants are closed except McDonalds and Taco Bell (so long #teamhealth). Benefits: A go to meal plan keeps you disciplined and helps with self-control. How? An ” on-the-go meal” is a meal that is healthy and satisfying with a prep and consume time of 15 minutes or less that can be eaten either with a  spoon, fork, straw, chopsticks, or toothpick;  examples include smoothies, oatmeal bowl, parfait, vegan cereal bowl, fruit bowl, veggie skewers, etc. Check out my Healthy Meal Pinterest Board for more ideas.

3. Create a Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe minimizes the time spent putting outfits together and planning beforehand allows you to add your own style. They are clothing items that require little maintenance and effort to put together. I love to stick to light, neutral, and monochromatic colors when I work, class, and a social outing in one day. These are the days where your so focused on finishing that school project, getting to the meeting on time with your classmates, boss, or meeting the parents -_-. You can get more ideas from my Minimalist fashion board on Pinterest.


Let’s make life a little healthy, simple, and fun. Hope you found something motivating and inspiring. For More , follow me on Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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